Monday, October 5, 2009

Manventures: Appleocalypse

You may or may not have picked up on the fact that if I don’t do anything over the weekend my apartment will explode. To save the lives of my innocent roommates, and my neighbor/arch-nemesis, Dave, I have to go out on MANVENTURES and witness the world and its awesome glory (all the while thinking of some horrible robot jokes to justify posting about personal outings in a hobby enthusiast’s blog.)

This week, instead of getting shit on by bad weather, I decided to head home and spend some quality time with the family. So, I guess this week’s installment of Manventures is more like Famventures (a mix between “family” and “adventures”, use it and love it). The first couple of days were marred by a weeklong sickness, evident in the post which I compared editing my blog-roll to the elimination process of the Next Iron Chef, which kept me incapacitated until this morning.

However, sickness can not keep me away from tradition. I forced the cold out of my body like an estranged lover and little steam engined through to our family activities; apple picking.

Let me put it in perspective to you- people love to do a little bit of manual labor once in a while for that authentic feeling of “roughing it”. A similar experience is using the automatic cashier machines at Walmart.

I’m not dissing on the picking of the apples. It’s one of the most enjoyable parts of the year for me. Except for the part when my family gets rowdy and starts to chuck apples at each other. My older brother left me with a bruise on my knee that I know will leave me walking with a limp for the next couple of days, but I got the upper hand right before the event ended.

I can pass off the lurch like I’m Dr. House though, all sexy douchebag like. Did you know the new season started? That’s one of those shows where you don’t want to watch it but then you watch the first couple of minutes, then you’re definitely sure it is lupus and House walks all over you and he’s so bad but so good. What.

Tangents aside- famventures are much better than staying cooped up in a house rigged to explode unless I fill it to the capacity with fun.

I need to talk about a robot before I finish writing this blog. How about Astroboy? I should go see that movie, I guess. Looks decent.

In all actuality, I went to see Zombieland this weekend and it was zombielicious. Why don’t I just write about zombies instead like the genre traitor I am?

Next week prepare to see a change in content- “And I’ll Form the BRAINSS” is much more catchy anyways.

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