Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Robot Gaming: The Tickler

There's a multitude of things that can be happening when I walk into my apartment and I hear screaming.

a) ze Grif can be playing a violent internet flash video game.
b) Lunarsaurus is screaming to relax his throat for his heavy metal choir rehearsals. Therapeutic and Traumatizing.
c) My arch nemesis Dave is playing Dexter again.

Today was a little bit of a and b. Dave is dead to me (he's vacationing to see his girlfriend. DEAD I TELL YA). More importantly though, ze Grif happened upon the robot killer flash game The Tickler.

I just tried my hand at it and it infuriated me. The premise of the game is fun, you choke humans instead of tickling them, but as ze Grif stated today "If you don't have the chance to win in the first five minutes, you flip out". I gotta work on my gaming etiquette. Or maybe just flip out more while I try my hand at the game again.

You start out by killing your creator, and then you work your way through levels of killing civilians and military. As you go about your murderous rampage, you get fun little upgrades like extended arms to choke out people even further away from you, and lasers to shoot them with while you choke them out.

The game is about choking people out. That's it. It's like living the life of Wayne Brady.

Give props where props are due. Thanks Kongregate and Revzin Ideaworks for your propagation that all robots want to do is choke others. You're hurting the community (but you wouldn't be wrong).


  1. That Tickler game is addictive. I don't know whether to thank you or get those green robots after you.

  2. Worst part is that when you die the game allows you to buy upgrades and try the level again. i was almost late for my internship meeting because of it!