Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Titan Maximum Review: Based on Episode 2

The whole point of a series premiere is to get you hooked, and that's why I felt it was necessary to exclude the pilot episode of Titan Maximum from the proper review. There's always going to be bells and whistles going off when a show launches that will make you flip out like you just got an ice cream cake.

It’s a good feeling, and you wanna flip out with everybody else, but it dulls the critical senses.

After all the commotion died out around the Titan Maximum release, from the series premiere last week to their series premiere party (quite impressive for a cartoon, I’ll admit), I felt like I can watch the show without influence and give my honest opinion.

And now, for my honest opinion: AND I’LL FORM THE HEAD gives TITAN MAXIMUM a solid “cool”.

My main complaint would be its too short. Fifteen minutes barely does the show’s ambitious plot justice. I was just getting comfortable with the show’s new slew of characters, Admiral Bitchface, Sasha’s father, the President of Titan, and the new antagonistic chibi anime robot girl, Claire, when the episode abruptly ended. Maybe it’s a good complaint, because I want more, but it’s aggravating because I have to wait another week for another fifteen minute snippet.

The best thing the show has going for it is its humor. Not only does it poke fun at the genre- best scene of the night was the “Joker” of the squadron attempting to infiltrate Gibb’s fortress being quickly reprimanded for his corny jokes, and then he admits he was forced into the professional Joker military position in training camp- but Titan Maximum is also developing its own inside gags. A good example would be Sasha, the most characterized teammate of Titan Maximum so far with her over the top sex antics and general pleasure from tormenting the rest of the team. Right now she’s the only character rounding out, but the premise of a stereotypical giant fighting robot team allows for the flat characters which make up the rest of the cast.

So I’m sticking to my guns. Titan Maximum is cool. It isn’t great yet but the show is giving itself a lot of room to grow and that’s the best way to go about working on a show with such a peculiar story.

Titan Maximum, I’ll be watching next week and I hope you keep upping the ante. (and for all of you who didn’t watch this weeks episode, next weeks episode involves punching a giant frost monster in the junk. Who would miss that?)

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