Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not really Manventures, but still: Deadliest Cans Haiku Epilogue

Deadliest Cans ends.
I donated the money
to fight world hunger.

And that's that. Moving on!

(DISCLAIMER: This post is about the blog itself, not robots. If you don't care, skip this post or click this link to see robot dancing.)

I think it's about time to talk about the direction which this blog is heading. I have created an itinerary! You know when you make a list that some serious stuff is about to go down. I want to talk about these issues because I would like to continue blogging, but my intentions have changed.

And now, the list:

1. Manventures 
As some of noticed, this blog about giant fighting robots has taken a turn to talk more about Manventures than the genre subject. I think the problem is that I'm suffering from being a geek of all trades. I don't freak out and fan-boy about robots because my nerd enthusiasm stretches amongst a wide variety of different interests. I believe I have found a solution to this problem.

And I'll Form the Head will continue to thrive, but someday soon I will be converting it into a subsection of my more ambitious project: Geeks Among the Meek. (I even registered a blogger page with that exact name. Go me.) One day I hope to encompass a large variety of nerd culture into one super nerd website, with an emphasis towards the Manventures- mainly, myself and others chronicling our activities and interactions with other like minded folk.

2.Website Layout

Right now I enjoy the layout of this website because of its simplicity. However, just because it looks simple doesn't mean that I don't have formatting difficulties. I constantly go back and revise the blog posts because they look weird. The short term solution is that I'm going to make the main blog section wider, and the long term solution is that I will completely revise the website after I launch Geeks Among the Meek.

3. Comics
While I would one day love to make a comic, right now I have more of a passion towards writing these blog posts. I just don't enjoy drawing. If you're an aspiring artist and would like to work on this project with me, let me know!

Until then, the comic portion of And I'll Form the Head has taken an indefinite hiatus before that project even launched.


I think that's everything. The reason why I made this post is because I felt like I should make my ambitions public to give myself more motivation. Also I love writing about everything else besides robots! My next post is gonna be about that family that supposedly launched their kid up in a balloon. Or maybe I can do a link round up of everything that's on the CNN homepage right now!

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