Thursday, October 8, 2009

Star Wars with Live Orchestra and a Yodeling Yoda

I don't know if there is a yodeling Yoda or not, but wouldn't that be hilarious? In all seriousness, or as serious as you can be about Star Wars, the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA hosted a viewing of Star Wars with a full orchestra and CP30 voice actor Anthony Daniels narrating it.

This is relevant to my interests because of George Lucas' contribution to robots in science fiction. This event might intrigue you because, well, the Star Wars epic encompasses nearly every aspect of every science fiction genre.

They're good at what they do! And they can milk a franchise like a nursing Tauntaun.

NOTE: I just wanted to post a link to the Tauntaun just in case you weren't aware of what they were. I'm so happy that one of the first links was to a Tauntaun sleeping bag. It is so gross and funny at the same time and I WANT ONE.

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