Monday, October 19, 2009

Manventures: Deadliest Cans Part Tres

I've got myself in quite the mental pickle. The whole collecting cans for profit thing never sat right on my chest (akin to a recyclable cat trying to breathe out my soul!) so I've decided in good spirits to donate the money I've earned.

Also, it was hard to justify the gambling portion of this competition because both Frank and I were supposed to publicly address how much we each earned, but that didn't happen. Instead, I have decided to extend an olive branch to my opponent and call Deadliest Cans in.

So here are the final numbers:
$4.50 from cans
$2.15 from bottles
no bottles were refunded because that return machine was broken. The bottles will be donated*

And below is photo evidence

I want to thank everybody for their support in Deadliest Cans. Special thanks goes out to ENG315, and I want them all to know that if they want to compete on the blogs, let me know! 

Damn I'm a nerd. But I love it! Look forward to one more installment of Deadliest Cans and find out where I donate the money.

*left outside of Price Chopper for someone else to turn in.

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  1. The receipt photo is haunting, in a kind of recyclable cat kind of way.