Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Speaking of Robot Dancing

To those who wanted to skip my more serious toned post, I suggested that you watch this video.

And in so many ways is this video more entertaining than my dreams and aspirations for this blog (one day it wants to be a firefighter). What I need you all to do is check out these videos because they will make you smile.

Battle of the Robot Dance Moves

From the film Eurotrip, this clip raises the question of what makes the weird robot impersonator. Is it their tenacity? Or is it the ability to make cool robot noises with their mouths?

I really don’t know what to say about this clip besides it has an awesome audio track. Also, it’s hard to turn away from the robot toy’s gyrating crotch. Why did I watch three minutes of this?!

Basically it’s a car that transforms into a robot and then dances. Michael Bay ain’t got shit on this commercial. It’s awesome.

You have to admit that Michael had some pretty sick moves. You also have to admit that he had an unfair advantage of actually being a robot.

I'm thinking I'll have to come back to the subject of robot dancing. Perhaps a study, because there might be a direct correlation between dancing like a robot and happiness.

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