Thursday, October 8, 2009

Androids Learning How To Speak?

There's some interesting developments in the world of robotics and AI engineering- Italian Researchers plan on teaching one of their robots how to speak.

This specific robot, a toddler sized mechanized Android, is being designed as a social companion. It already has a recognition program that allows it to use cameras for sight and identification, and this robot already has the ability to interact with its environment.

Whether this specific robot will be taught to speak is questionable although it has the potential.

Stelfano Nolfi, one of the Italian researchers, holds hope that the robot will be able to speak, but programming the task will take effort and testing, "Like in the case of humans and animals, it has to develop these skills by a process of trial and error in a sense."

What I want to know is when we are able to teach robots how to speak, how will we be able to shut them up? They have been silent for so long lord knows what they'll complain about. They'll probably complain about shitty operating systems like Vista.

Atleast we'll be able to negotiate and compromise though before they begin the robot uprising. These kinds of relationships are all about communication.

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