Monday, October 5, 2009

Transformer Star turns Comic Creator

Tyrese Gibson, actor in such popular films as Transformers and Death Race, (the latter I just watched recently. Pretty decent if you're into the new gore cinema genre), is working on a new comic series called Mayhem.

Right now Image Comics has released two issues, and a third one can be downloaded through Itunes that has special effects and voice overs. Shiny.

The best part of this new super hero? Gibson and "Mayhem" have already been offered a movie deal, which he supposedly has declined for now until comic sales improve.

From his CNN interview, "You can't expect to sell out the Staples Center until you sell a bunch of records." Right on, Gibson. Everybody knows its a matter of time before Mayhem hits the big screen, but its nice to know that Tyrese Gibson wants to settle the roots of his character before he sells the fruit for millions and millions of dollars.

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