Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Different Kind of Manventure [By Becca]

I had the best of intentions in going on a wild and crazy Becca-style Manventure this week but due to unforeseen circumstances and straight up awful planning on my part, I unfortunately won't have time for such shenanigans.

But fear not loyal readers, I will dig through my mental vault and share with you an old-school, Manventurish tale:

This past July, my friend, AllOneWord and I went to a baby shower.  For those of you lucky enough to never have suffered through a baby shower, they are hell but in shades of pastel and with cake.

From the get-go, the day was bound to be a disaster.  We stopped at the Dunkin' Donuts drive-through where AllOneWord somehow misjudged the distance between the drive-through window and her window.

She smashed her iced coffee against the roof of the car and screamed, "Oh My God! I can't do this!" Being the supportive friend I am, I broke down in a giggle fit complete with tears, as did the girl working the drive- through.

Our pregnant buddy neglected to put a street address on the invitation so we spent most of the afternoon driving around Troy, guessing where the Elks Club was.  As it turns out, my GPS Seamus (named by AllOneWord for the disembodied navigator's Irish accent) is only useful if you know where you're supposed to end up.

Poor Seamus. He's not really a lying, sleazy ho though AllOneWord and I called him much worse as he lead us everywhere but the Elks Club.

While making haphazard guesses as to where the Elks Club was, AllOneWord noticed a huge spider on the inside of her windshield. After a brief stream of curses, she whipped off her flip-flop and smashed the spider.

There was a window of time where I pictured us veering off the road and to a fiery death because of the damn spider, but AllOneWord didn't so much as swerve as she savagely murdered the vicious, eight-legged beast.

Somehow, we found the Elks Club and stumbled into the baby shower an hour late.  Our glowing, knocked-up friend had saved two seats for us at the head table, which is always right where you want to be when you show up late.

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