Saturday, November 7, 2009

Airplanes Should Blow Your Mind On A Daily Basis

A long, long time ago I wrote about how people will constantly be marveled by the advances of technology. This sentiment was reaffirmed by a little old lady that I see every day when I walk to class.

She stopped me one day and pointed at the sky, "You see that?" She was looking at an airplane overhead with astonishment.

"Airplanes are pretty cool, aren't they." I said and smiled politely before telling her to have a good day. That moment was just interesting to look back on, because I know one day I'm going to stare at a teleportation machine or something and say "Isn't that the most incredible thing you've ever seen?"

The person I'm talking to might be a smart ass, though. "Who hasn't seen a teleportation machine?" He'll goof to his friends after I had left, "Guy probably drives his car like Barney Rubble, too." They probably won't make that comment because they'll have forgotten who Barney even was. Sad.

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