Friday, November 6, 2009

F.A.Q. Numero Uno

Someone asked me, "What was the first movie about robots that made me so interested in the subject?"

I answered, "The Brave Little Toaster. Even though he wasn't a robot, he was a little piece of technology that really made an impact on my childhood. He taught me how to be brave, damnit! He couldn't teach me how to be a toaster, so I'll go halfway and say he did an alright job with the whole being brave thing. And nobody wants to be little, unless you're Vern Troyer, then you've got the market for being little by the sack."

"That's offensive!" That someone responded.

"Dude, that guy is making bank. Sometimes I wish I were a foot tall so I can star in the next Willy Wonka film" The person walked away, and I felt bad. Now I think that my F.A.Q. will only be one question long. If you're reading this, frequent asker, and I think you might, I want to say I'm sorry! Ask me more questions that won't insult people. What's my favorite icecream flavor? Chocolate. It's so tasty.

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