Monday, November 2, 2009

Robot Halloween Costume Round Up, Yall!

I know Halloween's over, but if I got to suffer Christmas already then you can deal with some awesome costumes a couple of days after the holiday!

1. Look at this guy's gams over at oobject. I wonder how he was able to move with all that extra height (stilettos are still out of my grasp of comprehension.)

2. Another impressive model that probably took years to manufacture. Thanks Dave Moodle Dad!

3. Skullheadonpants at Deviant Art made a Gir costume for his eight year old. Don't know who Gir is? The eight year old probably didn't either. Educate yourselves.

4. There are probably a million costumes of transformers on Youtube.

5. To end, Jew-ish proves that all you need is love (and a pop to the chin once in a while).

Here's to Halloween, the least lame holiday of the year!

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