Monday, November 9, 2009

Roundin' Up The Robots [By Becca]

The only thing I ever built with Legos were lopsided houses and huge walls that looked like, well, huge walls made out of Legos.  These kids are infinitely cooler and way smarter than I ever was.

A green robot sounds like an oxymoron to me but here's a robot made out of recycled type-writer parts, and his scared yet ridiculously awesome cat.  The last picture seems to be of a creepy, pedophile robot exposing himself in a futuristic park to other young robots, but I think it's up for interpretation.

"What Dr. Hall is advocating is a future in which we let robots handle whatever load they can, freeing up the rest of us to live more leisurely."
Isn't that why we have child-labor and illegal immigrants? What will become of them, Dr. Hall, you lazy, selfish sleaze?

Sweet. Literally -- they're robot cupcakes with frosting and Twizzlers and marshmallows and pretzels and I'm now starving, damn cupcakes.

I might of gotten a little teary when I saw this. I used to try to steal my older brother's My Pal 2 on a regular basis but it's hard to hide a talking, barking robot when you're a foot and a half tall.

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