Saturday, September 26, 2009

steam punk hot air balloon robots would be awesome.

Tonight I was stolen away from the apartment by my buddies ze Grif, Lunarsaurus, and Schraver (he doesn't get an awesome nickname like Jesse and Gaby do. Oops I think I dropped the ball on their pseudonyms. Want their social security numbers too?) for some man-ventures. That's a mix of the words "man" and "adventures". You can use it if you like.

What does this have to do with the premise of this niche'd blog? Well, on the way over I contemplated what would happen if the car transformed mid-travel. One meandering thought was catastrophic.

So, tonight I will be watching the "Moon Glow" of the Lake George Balloon Festival. It's amazing to see this antiqued form of transformation in comparison to air travel today. To pull it back to the blog, maybe one day we'll look back on industrial planes with that same sense of amazement as we're preparing for our vacation on the planet Pluto in our anthropomorphic space ferry. Also, I'm predicting that Pluto will be reinstated as a planet because it's just too cool. Scientists will look back on their conference and unanimously agree that they fucked up.

"My bad guys. Not only is Pluto a planet but it is the coolest planet we have. Not just because it's so far away from the sun."

Next time someone sees me slap me in the face for making that terrible pun.

So, I'm going to wrap up this post because Schraver and I are going back out after he took a quick shower because he smells like an ass. After the event we'll be watching movies. Hopefully one will have a robot in it. Doubtful though!

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