Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The issue with having a giant robot hand.

Had to post this because it's simply adorable.

This robot hallmark card short does bring up larger debates however. Is it plausible, or effective even, to shoot off your robotic arm like a missile?

Think of the repercussions! Now you're fighting with only one arm. Even if you survive after this point, shooting off your forearm can't be cost effective. Do you think giant robotic limbs grow on trees?

Food for thought.

And before I head out for the night (fighting off the swine flu. Not really, but I do have a craving for bacon. Oh no. Maybe I got the zombie swine flu?) I wanted to post another link to a robot related comic- We The Robots by Chris Harding. It's wonderfully drawn and touches base with robot philosophy without getting crazy ahead of itself to alienate a larger audience. Also, Mr. Harding's animation has appeared in The Animation Show. Basically, badassery.

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