Sunday, September 27, 2009

Comic Update: a sample

I'm thinking about chronicling the adventures of the robot team into chapters, and this is the first page of Chapter One: Team Building. It wouldn't make sense to link to Chapter Two: 2heads2furious yet, unless I was going for a Quentin Tarantino style format or something. That might be an interesting concept though. OR I could just rip him off completely and make the robot comics kill NATSIES. One hunderd of them to be exact.

Looking back at that last comment, I'm thinking that phonetics doesn't work as well in written format. I might have to stick some parenthesis around NATSIES and hunderd later for "clarification."

The website that hosts the actual comic will be different- right now I'll probably be using webcomics nation but after a while I would enjoy switching to WordPress.

Give me some feedback- and also look forward to my write up on the first episode of Titan Maximum tonight.

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  1. WordPress is good. It's complicated, moreso than Blogger, but some people really swear by it. Give it a try!