Tuesday, September 22, 2009

About "The Head"

Every morning I would wake up to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Lucky Charms. Did you know that show originated the verb “morph”? I didn’t care because it was common knowledge to me.

Don’t swallow bubble gum.

Storks made babies. Dinosaurs morph into giant fighting robots. If you remembered all this, then you were an awesome five year-old.

Eventually, the Power Rangers went out of fashion and I had to fill the hole in my heart with other clever marketing toy and cartoon collaborations. The collectables, the card games, and the television shows all played a large hand in my development into adulthood. Maybe the geekiest fucking adulthood ever, but still.

Another obsession of mine, going hand in hand with my nerd upbringing, was comics. I enjoyed the distributed comic books, but the syndicated strips was where it was at every Monday through Saturday, all pumping myself up until the climatic Sunday funnies.

I just made a comparison between reading comics to ejaculation. I am ashamed yet humbled by the realization.

To cut to the chase, I have a thing for web comics now and I want to publish my work online. The comic, And I’ll Form The Head, is a satire and homage to the mecha genre. This blog will be used for research and communication with the comic community so that I’ll be able to create a better comic.

The comic And I’ll Form the Head is created by me, and the posts will be a collaborative effort between me and my roommates, self-confessed giant fighting robot experts, ze Grif and Lunasaurus.

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