Monday, September 28, 2009

Let our links combine: Degrees of Separation from Facebook

Lets start off with the official Titan Maximum Facebook Page. Right now it's a celebration of the premiere episode with random quotes, comments on the official after party, and proclamations of adoration for the shows roster of characters.

Here's a few comments left by fans. Sorry Andy for stealing your idea (but it's too good to pass up!)

Jason Van Horn- you suck up. Of course your review of the show is plastered on the fan page because you give it a "Five out of Five". Five what, huh? Fingers? Toes? I'm just yanking your crank though- Jason gives a good synopsis of the show, and points out a couple of high lights, such as Stupid Monkey's attention to Titan Maximum's joke pacing,

"The death of Spud, for instance, is a hilarious moment, which is nothing but him falling to his death for several seconds. Another delay joke has to do with Leon, the grease monkey that's actually a monkey, who never says anything, but rather only gives long and vacant looks."

Although I'm sure Mr. Van Horn (or is it just Mr. Horn?) had the best intentions for his write up of Titan Maximum, it is better used for product advertisement than an actual review.

Now for something completely different. No, not really.

Although Bonnie Burton didn't directly post her interview, labeling Star Wars to anything will give it fanatical attention. I would really love to know what kind of negotiations went behind getting this conversational piece together. Bonnie edits the interview to give the individuals behind Titan Maximum a relaxed tone, along with some light teasing.

A quote from the interview:

"Matt [Senreich]: We also had to one-up Clone Wars director Dave Filoni and integrate some CG into our stop-motion world a little bit. So we throw it back in Filoni's court, and let's just see if he can put some stop-motion into The Clone Wars now!"

What a goofy bunch of hooligans they are, sticking it to "the man" of sci-fi. The tone of this segment of the interview is carried throughout the entirety of the article, but you gotta know that Stupid Monkey is fiddling their thumbs in satisfaction because now every fanboy and their momma is going to at least check out the pilot episode.

And finally, the best post from the Titan Maximum Facebook:

Thank you, Mr. Crysix, for your honesty and ambition to announce your devotion to the public stage.

(Sasha was the promiscuous pilot of the black aircraft, in case you didn't know.)

Also while looking up some character information, I happened upon Dan Driscoll's, stop animator for the Titan Maximum show, professional blog. Something else is going up on my blog roll! While the website doesn't have any actual footage of the animation process, you can still check out some titan maximum clips and check out the direct link to his regular animation website. Perhaps I should look into contacting him? Why not!

Finally, a blog that hit close to home today. Rock on, Jeff Zwirek! Comic blogs FTMFW.

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